Votary London · Blemish Rescue Oil · Mod urenheder

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This little oil is a lifesaver! Impurities disappear much faster if you do not dry them out. Impurities are small, local infections.

Treating them with dehydrating harsh chemicals does not help them heal. Instead, it triggers the formation of thick, scaly skin.

Infection is caught, the healing cycle takes longer, and scarring and discoloration of the skin gets worse.

It is logical to treat an impurity with pure vegetable oils.

The oil absorbs instantly and softens the skin. The active ingredients can penetrate and get to work quickly.

2% salicylic acid dissolves compressed skin cells and penetrates deep into the pores along with tamanu oil, which is a natural, healing antiseptic.

Tamanu treats redness, inflammation and soothes infection. The skin remains soft and supple, which means it heals faster.

Scarring and discoloration are minimized.

The surface of the skin quickly feels smooth, healed and healthy.


  • Apply a drop of oil on the fingertip and apply it with the soft circular motions on the affected area.
  • Do this twice a day, after cleansing, until your skin has recovered. 
  • Subsequently, you can use VOTARY Clarifying Facial Oil. 

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