Nailberry · Strengthen & Breathe Base Coat 15 ml

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Oxygenated Base Coat

A double-active base coat and care that clinically strengthens the nails and acts as a breathable undercoat. STRENGTHEN & BREATHE contains a powerful tonic with fantastic clinical trial results:

  • 90% got improved nails
  • 90% got less cracked nails

The tonic combined with the oxygen technology delivers a first-class undercoat that is easy to apply and rebuilds damaged nails, so they become stronger, longer and have a healthy skin under the nail.

Apply a single coat as a breathable undercoat or two coats, twice a week as an intensive strength treatment.

Apply a thin layer, for a breathable Base Coat or apply two coats twice a week, for an intense treatment of damaged nails. 

Our wide iconic brush ensures that your nail gets a flawless varnish in this reinforced formula. 

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