MUTI Anti-Age Night Cream Plus 50 ml

375,25 kr 475 kr

This rich night cream was specially developed for dry and sensitive skin. With fragmented hyaluronic acid, it helps stressed skin on the legs again and restores the skin's natural moisture balance. For nights when an extra 'plus' is needed, the night cream can also be used as a mask. The feeling of dryness in the skin is immediately relieved and dry wrinkles disappear. The skin looks firmer, younger and softer. Retinol A stimulates the skin cells to regenerate and at the same time reduces minor wrinkles. Macadamia oil makes the skin feel soft. Vitamin C counteracts pigment changes. The special MUTI formula is based on a simple combination of pure and highly effective ingredients in a high concentration, which gives maximum effect and contains hyaluronic acid, which is a true moisturizing miracle. Combined with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), which plays an important role in relation to the many metabolic processors in skin cells, the intelligent formula covers even the most delicate skin needs. 

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