M2 Beauté · Hair Activating Serum

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M2 Beauté Hair Activating Serum

The serum promotes hair growth and fullness with its very effective complex of active ingredients, which is based on the research principles and the empirical values of EYELASH ACTIVATING SERUM.

At the same time, it prolongs the hair growth phase and delays hair loss.

The result is long, full and naturally beautiful hair in just six to eight weeks.

The carefully balanced formulation of HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM is based on the latest research results from medicine and biochemistry and ensures a first-class combination of active ingredients. Ingredients such as Follicusan and sandalwood stimulate the outer layer of the hair follicles and activate hair growth. Recent scientific studies also prove that the growth phase is prolonged when the hair follicles are exposed to the scent of sandalwood. This is partly because the scent reduces the degeneration of keratinocyte cells in the hair follicle and thereby stimulates a growth factor.


  • Divide your hair and spray HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM evenly once a day on the clean, towel-dried scalp at a distance of a few centimeters.
  • Gently massage the serum into the scalp using your fingertips.
  • Let it absorb for a few minutes before styling your hair as usual.
  • HAIR ACTIVATING SERUM can be used all over the scalp or partially on desired areas. 

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