M2 Beauté · Eyebrow Renewing Serum 5 ml

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EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM is based on innovative and highly effective complexes of active ingredients, which are specially adapted to the eyebrow area.

The effective, non-greasy active serum provides visible fullness and strengthens the eyebrows. Combined with nourishing components like biotin and hyaluron, the highly effective complex of active ingredients with extract of black seaweed stimulates both the active and inactive hair roots in the eyebrows, which demonstrably promotes their natural growth.

Note: - hormone free


  • EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM is applied to the dry and oil-free eyebrow area against the direction of growth once a day after cleansing in the evening.
  • The thick liner brush makes it possible to apply the serum easily over the entire eyebrow or specifically on the areas to be optimized.
  • In addition, it ensures accurate application close to the roots.
  • Allow a short period of time for the serum to absorb before using your usual skin care products.

The highly effective EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM makes the eyebrows fuller, prolongs the growth phase and delays the life cycle of the eyebrows and thus premature loss of eyebrow hair thanks to the highest quality ingredients.

Gives a natural look with expressive and fuller brows.

The first visible results usually appear after six to eight weeks, with optimal growth potential achieved around week 16.

Repeated use is recommended for long-term results. 

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