M2 Beauté · Color & Care Eyebrow Enhancer Ltd. Edition Blonde 6 ml

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EYEBROW ENHANCER COLOR & CARE (EECC) is an innovative eyebrow that stimulates eyebrow growth, giving the eyebrows a natural, uniform shade and fixing them.

Based on high quality peptide complexes, it leaves the eyebrows extra full, shiny and supple.

The active ingredient in acai berries also makes the hair more resistant and provides a form of natural protection.

For full-bodied, beautifully curved and dark eyebrows. Use the precision brush to apply EYEBROW ENHANCER COLOR & CARE in the direction of growth using a slight upward motion.

Repeat the application to intensify the result.

Allow to dry between applications.

Focus on the thinner eyebrow areas to make them look fuller.

EYEBROW ENHANCER COLOR & CARE (EECC) offers a 4-in-1 solution for eyebrows, stimulates growth, nourishes, gives color to eyebrows and fixes them - for expressive eyes and a naturally beautiful look.

Available in two shades - Blonde & Brown. 

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