L'Goodie · 3-Lags 100% Mulberry Silke Mundbind · Warm Grey

299 kr

L'Goodie 100% Mulburry Silk mouth bandage, with adjustable elastic and inner metal clip over the nose for maximum comfort.

L'Goodie's updated mouth bandage has 3 layers, an extra layer of mulberry silk which acts as a small pocket where you can easily put a PM 2.5 filter in which you can change continuously. 

You can buy a package / box with PM2.5 filters online or at the pharmacy at a reasonable price. 

You can easily use the mouthpiece without a filter and it is "just a 3-layer" mouthpiece in the best and most delicious silk quality. 

Why Silk? 100% Mulberry silk is the finest silk and it is silk soft and does not leave marks on your skin and is wonderful to wear. In addition, it is super nice and a lot more fashion than the blue mouthpieces. 

L'Goodie sanitary napkins are not medically approved, it is important to emphasize. 


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