This Way

Dreamcatcher · Drømmefanger

120 kr

This Way is an exclusive brand created and run by the beautiful and talented model and travel blogger Julie Pallesen. Julie manufactures high quality sustainable travel products and in her exclusive universe of sustainable products you will find this beautiful dreamcatcher / dream catcher which is made in Bali.

What is a dream catcher?
- A dream catcher is made for the purpose of protecting you from bad and negative dreams and from evil. It will fill you with love and positivity in your dreams.

- White, which for us is the color of light, positivity and purity.
- It comes in one size and one color.

Instructions for use:
- Hang your dream catcher close to an entry point like a door or a window. Also ideal for being hung close to your bed or over your baby / child's bed. 
- Be protected with your dream catcher and / or give it as a gift to a close one you want to share love and care for.

L'Goodie Tip: The dream catcher can be in any room but it is a perfect gift idea for baby shows, maternity gift, as we think it is so nice over the cradle / cot too <3 

- It is 50 cm. long.

- Sleep like a baby.
- Dream only positively.
- Remove all negativity and evil from your dreams.
- Take it with you on your trip, as it has a convenient travel size.


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