David Mallett · Gold Dust

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Inspired by the bubbles in champagne, GOLD DUST creates a windblown but beautiful hair that has volume and bounce, glitter and shine and reflects light like a butterfly wing.

Gold Dust is a gold version of David Mallet's Volume Powder.

An innovative hair powder that adds structure and volume to the hair, as well as shiny gold glitter.

For the fine evenings out where you feel like something extra glamorous!

The product is ultra-light to avoid weighing down the hair but instead give it extra volume, strength and elasticity, which is a necessity to get a look with natural bounce!

The hair powder contains real gold particles and has a discreet scent of green tea.

Contains tropical bamboo, which enhances the structure of the hair, provides a long-lasting volume and natural bounce. Amplifies, gives volume and elasticity.

Can be used for all hair types.

Gold Dust provides sparkling structure and effect, reminiscent of VOLUME POWDER, but more delicate.

The pocket-sized container is in itself inspired by small perfume bottles and lipsticks.

Grab this little chice product in your handbag and take it with you to be able to handle any hair situation around the clock.


Apply to dry hair and use small movements.

It can be used on the hair roots or directly in a hairstyle, to add volume. (Eg on top of a braid). 

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