David Mallett · Conditioner No.1 : THE HYDRATATION

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David Mallett Conditioner No.1: L 'HYDRATATION 250 ml

A highly effective care formula that penetrates the outer layers of the hair and binds moisture. Strengthens the hair structure from the inside, prevents the accumulation of product residues and facilitates styling. Contains Keravis, which is a plant-based protein complex with a chemical composition that allows penetration all the way into the hair bark. It strengthens from within and smoothes the follicle.

The hair is left silky soft with an incredible shine.

Moisturizes, strengthens, facilitates styling.

Suitable for normal to very dry hair and for very delicate, allergy-prone scalp.


Massage into wet, freshly washed hair, comb the hair through, let the conditioner work a little, comb again and rinse thoroughly. If the hair is very damaged hair, the conditioner can work for up to 20 minutes as a cure.

CONDITIONS No.1 can be used daily after washing with SHAMPOO No.1. When used together, they achieve results that last even longer. 

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