L'Goodie · 100% Mulberry Silke Scrunchie · Sort

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L'Goodie · 100% Mulberry Silke Scrunchie · Sort 
L'Goodie Silk Scrunchies / Hair elastics are for you who have been looking for an elastic that can keep your hair, thick and thin and where the quality is top notch. L'Goodie Silk Scrunchies are made of is the finest and best quality silk, which makes you will love your elastic and you will be able to use it for many years. Silk does not wear on your hair in the same way as regular elastics and you will thus experience fewer broken hairs by using silk elastics. 
  • 100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchie / Hair elastic.
  • Beautiful elastic that holds the hair really well even with thick hair and which does not wear as hard on the hair as regular elastics.
  • Helps with less broken hair.

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